The 3D Museum promotes research on cultural heritage. Communities can find opportunities to grow by understanding their memory and cultural heritage. Monuments, sculptures, and other creative expressions help communities to have a sense of belonging, a shared memory. We are not only producing 3D models of these assets. We are also studying their history, cultural context, damages, and interventions. Documentation is essential to be effective cultural heritage advocates.




IAM Monuments

Institutional Assets and Monuments (IAM) promotes the creation of opportunities to improve life in communities with heritage at risk, based on the generation of spaces for innovation that positively influence the assessment of memory and cultural heritage.


The Arc/k Project

The Arc/k Project, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, digitally archives that which is too valuable, too important, and too unique to be lost or forgotten. As great as the palaces of Versailles or as humble as a discarded arrowhead, our cultural heritage defines who and what we areā€”and we can all play a vitally important role in preserving it.