The 3D Museum

Protecting Heritage, Building Urban Resilience

The 3D Museum

Protecting Heritage, Building Urban Resilience

A Museum Without Walls

We use technology to preserve our past. Monuments, artworks, and artifacts describe societies, provide connections to social values and beliefs. We have created a 3D museum to collect valuable objects of cultural heritage at risk. We are digitally preserving symbols for future generations. This 3D Art Museum is the product of collaborative work between IAM Monuments and The Arc/k Project


Preserving Heritage at Risk

When hazards disrupt cultural heritage sites, they can cause irreparable damage to people’s identities and sense of belonging. We are focusing on archiving cultural heritage at risk

Bronze SculpturesCentral University of Venezuela




Through workshops, people in museums and cultural institutions can learn how to register and digitally preserve their collections using photogrammetry

3D Models

Photogrammetry uses a specific photographic technique to measure the distance between objects to create a tridimensional model of the subject. The procedure involves taking many photos of your chosen subject as if your camera was a 3D scanner.


We are producing a massive library of 3D models from objects of cultural significance. We are also conducting researches about the historical and symbolic values of these objects


Knowing how to create the 3D models from the Colonial Art Museum collection was an amazing experience!

- Nilda Silva